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Lindsay's Echo Chamber is my Kajabi community, a special place where we can connect on a more personal level - your exclusive pass to join me for candid, community-only livestreams where we can have real conversations. Let's talk about our personal journeys with ADHD, autism, and CPTSD. We can share those "aha!" moments and the "oh no" moments, trade stories of neurodivergence in everyday life, exchange spiritual wisdom, and offer perspectives on social issues fairly and compassionately. (And maybe infodump some special interests!) So, grab your favorite snack and your favorite fidget toy. And your favorite beverage. Here's to making the world a bit more fun and compassionate together.




Be Over the Age of 18. I'm anticipating a lot of adult topics, and things can stressful and complicated when minors are involved. Let's just keep things safe and simple and 18+.


Respect Privacy: What's shared here, stays here. Let's respect each other's privacy and ensure that personal stories and experiences are not shared outside this community without written consent.


Encourage, Don't Discourage: We're all on different paths. Please offer support, kindness, and understanding. Celebrate the "aha!" moments and offer compassion during the "oh no" moments. Avoid judgmental, negative, or contrarian comments.


No "Hogging the Mic": Let's stick to conversation topics that everyone is interested in. If anyone in the conversation feels alienated, they are welcome to speak up, and we will pivot to a topic where no one feels excluded.


No Hate Speech, Bullying, Shaming, or Hostile Language: Make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed, and degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, or identity will not be tolerated.


No Unsolicited Advice: While sharing personal experiences is encouraged, please ask permission before giving medical or professional advice.


Use Trigger/Content Warnings When Appropriate: If you're sharing something that might be triggering (e.g., detailed personal experiences), please use a trigger warning. (If you need clarification on what topics may be triggering and how to give warning, feel free to ask me/moderator)


Respect Research & Intellectual Property: Make your best effort to credit any external sources, quotes, or inspirations appropriately.


Keep it Friendly and Fun: Remember to bring your favorite snack, fidget toy, or beverage, and let's keep the atmosphere light and enjoyable.


Report Concerns: If you see something concerning, don't hesitate to report it to me (or the moderators). No space on my watch is gonna be unsafe.


I reserve the right to have final judgment over whether one of the above rules has been broken. - Your Overling, Lindsay