1-on-1 Coaching for AuDHD

with Lindsay

As of February 2024, I am an associate coach for ADHD Coach Sheila.

I'm not the coach for who you wish you were - I'm here for the person you actually are.

The way we're gonna work is I'm gonna help you break down all the nebulous chaos in your life into digestible chunks, and from those chunks, we're gonna create some order. But that's gonna require you get real honest. Maybe more honest than you've ever been.

And it's not gonna feel good all the time. In fact, the most important moments are gonna suck.

I believe that all of us are pieces of one connected whole, and that no one has to live at the expense of another. That means I don't play zero-sum games. If I have to shame the villains of your narrative in order for you to feel supported, this ain’t gonna work.

If you're ready for the ego-wrangling work it takes to switch up your strategies, and quit blaming others and shaming yourself, I'm the coach for you.

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